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Get clear with your style and see things fall into place

A question to ask so you can stop being dissapointed with your wardrobe

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Are you continuously disappointed with your wardrobe?

Do you regularly hear yourself saying ‘it’ll do’?

Then there is one question that you are not asking yourself OR asking but not putting into action.

‘What exactly do I want’

As we head through the summer, I’m setting you this challenge.

What is the exact next item you want to buy and add to your wardrobe?

What is the exact outfit you’d love to see yourself in?

What is the exact feeling you’d like to have about yourself when you look in the mirror?

What is the exact bit of knowledge you need to grow your style confidence?

Getting clear and then putting a plan in place is powerful.

Keep your eyes peeled as there is more to come in the Autumn to help you with this.

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