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The stylist tricks to know to style a tummy

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The stylist tricks to know to style a tummy

1. Don’t blame you, blame the clothes or styling

2. Get the right pants. I love big but sexy pants, these Triumph ones hit the spot.

3. Start taking a photo to gauge your bodyshape and to be more objective. Consider your waist length and waist definition.
Longer waists will often look good with more waist definition and shorter waists may need to do more balancing out. Heavier on bottom v’s heavier on top etc

4. Avoid anything with too high elastic content as this will cling to tummy

5. Look for stiffer fabrics that skim the body not cling

6. Look at longer layers that skim and layer with shorter on top

7. Elongate the waist with shakets and jackets and shoe a peep of the belt underneath.

8. Tuck and pull out if a full tuck in feels too exposing.

9. Show off the bits you love, if you don’t like showing your tummy then stop forcing it.