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New Year, New Outlook

New Year, New Outlook on your wardrobe

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Do you need a fresh new outlook on your wardrobe??


If so please ignore the New Year, New You.


You don’t have to reinvent yourself this year to feel good about yourself.

But instead, I would suggest to welcome in and consider the power of upgrading your outlook and approach to how you get dressed.

If your ambition for 2022 is to feel like you are in charge of your future and to shake off the last few years then feel free to use these 5 sayings below to get you out of a style rut.

Switching out the funky, old sayings like ‘I have nothing to wear’ or ‘i’ll loose the weight first’ or ‘my body is the wrong shape’ or ‘I have no where to go’ and re-packaging it to work in your favour is the true meaning of empowerment.

These negative phrases are often not even our own and in fact we’ve inherited them from our mothers and grandmothers.

We also say them so often and off the cuff that we don’t realise how they shape our view of our reflection.

It can be hard work and takes a little time, self-forgiveness and an eagerness to learn however my 5 postitive sayings below are a great place to start.

Take a look and see which one resonates with you. Perhaps you could write it on a post it and put it on your mirror to remind yourself of your new outlook.

Here are 5 positive sayings that you can use when approaching your wardrobe to get you out of a style rut and into your style flow:


1. I don’t have to wait to be thinner to feel great

2. How can I have more fun with this?

3. I can be alone and get dressed for me

4. What items have I forgotten I own?

5. What do I need to learn next to build my style confidence?


BONUS PRO TIP I use when I’m feeling stuck with what to wear:

Ask yourself ‘Who do I admire, if they approached my wardrobe what would they be pulling out of my wardrobe to wear’.


REMEMBER  if you can work with what you’ve got and make the absolute best of it you’ll start to see that successful style is really all about having a positive mindset, taking directed action AND a big dose of  self- compassion (not one of my greatest skills!)

I also think a more empowered outlook is a much needed switch from the last 2 years when our style, our polish and the care in our appearance has been notably downgraded, if not disappeared altogether.

From what I’ve seen over the years from working up close and personal with my clients it the upgrading of our view of ourselves is the secret to having great style.

Wishing you all a more energised, uplifting and postive 2022!


You can see the original post of this ‘5 postitive sayings to use’ on my instagram page HERE  and if you would like some practical help with your style then drop me an email at

Let’s book in a free call to discuss how I can help you have more fun with getting dressed.


The power of good tailoring: What I learnt when I interviewed Polly McMaster of The Fold, London

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‘Tailoring has that ability to transform your everyday confidence’.

To many, The Fold London is just for celebrities and Duchesses, women that have status within the public eye. However after an evening interviewing the brand’s founder Polly McMaster at Home House, London I learnt that it is a brand not just creating beautiful clothes but in actual fact empowering the everyday working women to thrive in the workplace.

I was amazed at how The Fold is a brand steeped in attention to detail, quality, integrity, empowerment and community. Big and powerful words that I don’t use lightly but I do use passionately after hearing, seeing and experiencing Polly’s vision of the company.

For retailers today, its no longer enough to just have beautiful or fashionable or desirable clothes to engage the customer. Brands have to come with a message, a vision and constantly provide a solution to their everyday dressing.

That is exactly what Polly and her team are doing.

The Fold is helping women in the workplace find tailoring that gives them the power they deserve to truly hold their heads high and do a bloody good job. To get dressed everyday by buying into an edited collection that supports their goals and dreams for the future.

Offering clothing that elevates their standing but isn’t at Stella McCartney prices. The Fold understands that when a piece of clothing is worn that has had every detail considered, has been cut beautifully, has fabric from the highest quality mills. All mixed with a fresh and modern aesthetic, a women will be able to stand out from her peers in a sophisticated and elegant way.

There clothes are for women with an ambition and a dream but also want allow their individuality to shine through.

Why don’t you check out my favourite pieces from their current collection to elevate your working wardrobe.

The sharp but feminine coat – The Clarendon Coat

 The non-party party dress – Eaton Dress

The classic dress with the rebellious twist : The Fitzrovia Dress

A sculptural addition to the Classic Camel Coat : The Napier Coat 

The Unexpected Modern Suit : The Donmar

The week to weekend Top : The Fitzroy Top


To find out about more brand events I have coming up, sign up to my monthly Style Letters HERE.

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10 Secrets that will Help You Feel like You have a New Wardrobe.

By Latest Articles
A lot of us wish that we dressed with more character, style and passaz and blame our clothes and lack of time as the trouble makers for our uninspired appearance.
I am here to help you perk up your style and help you realise that there is a lot more excitement in your wardrobe than you give it credit for.
Here are some of my secrets on how to be a little more creative with your style from the clothes you already own:
  1. Give a crap. You are not going to start looking good, unless you start to care, even if just a little. You’ve got to put in a little effort and I promise you, you will reap the benefits.
  2. Clear the crap. Do you know what you own? There are probably hidden gems in there. So put some time aside and go through what you own and get rid of clothes that you are bored of/don’t fit/make you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Wear something old. That dress that you keep saying, ‘I’ll wear it one day’, bite the bullet and wear it tomorrow. I it doesn’t make you feel wonderful then say ‘ta ta for now’.
  4. Dress how you want to feel. Pick your intention for the day, how do you want to feel today. Empowered? Happy? Fearless? Sassy? Whatever it may be dress for that feeling rather than what you currently feel.
  5. #30secondstyle. Take an extra 30 seconds to put on a necklace/pair of earrings/scarf/bracelet, apply some lippy, those small daily touches will lift any outfit and that attention to detail will give you the character you desire. Join us on Instagram and share your quick style fix.
  6. Make a sandwich. ‘Sandwiching’ is wearing all one colour e.g. navy with a flash of a complimentary colour e.g. Yellow. Try a new combo of your clothes today.
  7. Print clashing is a really fun way to be more creative with the clothes you already own. Follow my Pinterest to board for inspiration.
  8. Look Up. Keep your head up and appreciate the beauty that is all around and spot what others are wearing and try and emulate it.
  9. Tailor your life. Get the most out of your wardrobe and feel more put together by wearing your dressy clothes everyday. Add a pair of high tops and a casual t-shirt to your smart trousers for a fun but considered everyday look.
  10. Have fun. Fashion should be expressive, style should be about you. If you wear clothes you love, get a little more dressed up than normal and try new combo’s of clothing that already exist in your wardrobe you will find you will start to shine. For inspiration follow me on Instagram.
You may also be interested in my upcoming 5 week online style course starting 1st February. If you’d like to learn more about reigniting your personal style, getting clarity on what works for YOU, exuding inner confidence and make getting dressed everyday effortless, then this course is for you. Click here to find out more and start your personal style transformation.