If you are looking to feel more confident with yourself, your style, your reflection and your wardrobe you’ve come to the right place.


“Feel Remarkable”

Clients achieve the following results, you can too…

  • Live a confident, happy and enriching life that enables you to positively impact those around you.
  • Know exactly how to dress to feel confident everyday to attract the future you desire.
  • Cleanse your wardrobe and find that you have twice as much to wear with half as many clothes.
  • Own a wardrobe full of clothes that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.
  • Stop wasting money on unnecessary purchases by knowing exactly what to buy and where to buy it.
  • Feel focused, excited and empowered when dressing and a positive appreciation of your body and reflection.

Styling Support

Together over a number of wardrobe, shopping, styling and coaching sessions, we create an authentic, effortless and functional wardrobe to give you the confidence to get dressed everyday. We offer a holistic approach that gives you the direction, support and practical advice for your wardrobe transformation and enduring style confidence.

You are unique and so is the help you need.


Strategy and solutions to get you out of a style rut

For you if you need a nudge to get back on track or get the momentum going with your style.

What you get:

– One intense virtual hour styling session live in your wardrobe

– Your top 3 style challenges answered and personal solutions given

– Clarity on your body shape/colour/next purchases/brands

– Follow up email with your style recommendations from the call





Unearth your style and the amazing outfits that already exist in your wardrobe

For you if you own a lot of clothes but never have anything to wear.

What you get:

– A discover your style and follow up coaching call

– A day in your wardrobe where we create amazing new outfits from the clothes you already own. You learn what suits you, how to outfit and express your unique style

– An organised and edited wardrobe

–  A complete collection of photos of new outfits from your existing clothes

– Your Style Tool Kit including a personalised shopping list and brand recommendations





A complete and long term transformation of outward style and inward confidence

For you if you want to learn how to fully express yourself and have a wardrobe that helps you to thrive.

What you get:

– Style prep coaching call and weekly coaching

– Full day wardrobe review, cleanse and organisation session. This session will also inspire you to wear your new wardrobe in exciting new ways

– 2 x Shopping Trip

– In person outfit building session

– Personalised Style Guide with lookbook of all outfits

– Online Shopping support

– Stylist in your pocket, always on hand to help to ensure the outfits translate into your real life and day to day

– Personalised Style Guide with lookbook of all outfits, your look board of

– Confidence of what your unique personal style is and how to make that work in your day to day life




If you are curious about how I can help I’d love to connect with you to find out about you and your style challenges.

Your style is personal so if you feel that none of these packages are exactly what you are after then I can tailor a package that works for you.

All packages available virtually. Additional travel will be charged beyond Sussex.

Book a call to discuss the most suitable support to achieve your style goals to make sure that you get the transformation you deserve.

Here’s how I work

1. Confidence Coaching

Learn the tools needed to build your self esteem and inner confidence. By taking control of your image you’ll harness the power that style can have on your positive belief in yourself and your success.

2. Wardrobe Audits

You can be more with less. A wardrobe audit will clear out clothes that aren’t helping you to thrive and work out what is missing. You will learn how to wear your old clothes in new ways to suit your figure, lifestyle and tastes. Your curated closet will mean you will have the confidence that everything in your wardrobe is worn and know that no more money is wasted.

3. Personal Shopping

Focused, personal, informative and inspiring. Our shopping sessions are tailored to your needs, your wardrobe and your style. An opportunity to grow your confidence with where and how to shop, understand what suit you and see how incredible you can feel in your clothes. You’ll be excited & inspired by the end with clothes that will be worn time and time again!

4. Styling Consultation

Personalised inspiration on outfitting and trends. Learning what suits you for your figure, lifestyle and taste. Knowledge and guidance on what to wear and how to wear it. Learning how to use your image to build your confidence.