Is your image undermining your confidence and failing to reflect who you really are?

Are you resigned to clothes that fail to wow either you, or those around you?

Do you feel clueless about what looks good and where to shop?

How would it feel to be:

  • ‘Put together’ and up for the day’s challenges?
  • Comfortable with a unique style that just right for you?
  • Confident you’re ‘on point’ for every occasion?
  • Wowed by your full-length reflection?
  • Organised and stress-free as you open your wardrobe

If you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re ready for change, I can help.

My name is Loulou and I’m a Style Coach.

For 19 years I’ve helped women like you find their unique style and natural confidence. Hundreds of them!

And so can you, it’s time for you to emerge….


How it works…

Loulou sitting in a monochrome outfit on her laptop

1. Identify your unique style

Find your entry to style & learn how to express you. We are all unique – get clear on your personal style.

2. Maximise your wardrobe

Get your existing wardrobe working harder for you and maximise its potential.
Bust the outfitting confusion.

3. Strategic shopping

Know what is missing and build your shopping confidence. Find brands that help communicate your personal style.

4. Great outfits everyday

Confidence to shine and be seen. At peace with your reflection.
A wardrobe that satisfies you and supports your life.

Loulou is a seriously efficient personal shopper - I was blown away by her skill in knowing exactly what would work. We overhauled my wardrobe while staying completely true to who I am.

Jacqueline, Brighton

When you work with Lou, it quickly becomes clear that helping you define your style and achieve great looks are a true passion for her and that she'll even stop strangers in the street to find the right finishing touch for your look.

Ellie, New York

There really is a spring in my step and a smile on my face....just knowing that what I'm wearing is a statement is so incredibly empowering.

Frances, Liverpool

In the process of connecting with what I wore each day I began to take care of myself again. Slowly my mood changed, I became more positive and embraced the day to the point I like my life once again, I show up and participate and I’m having fun.

Karen, London

I am amazed at how well Loulou was able to see my style clearer than I've ever seen myself. Getting dressed is now a positive experience and my change in habits have already stopped me from buying into the evil of fast fashion.

Aysha, Brighton

Loulou is amazing, it was a total luxury to spend that much on me but it was worth every penny.

Vicky, Brighton

Thank you Loulou for a fabulous indulgent shopping experience and thank you for bringing some “sunshine” back into my life.

Kate, Brighton

I have loved my experience of working with you to adjust my thinking around my self-image.

Sue, Harrogate

I now feel refreshed, confident and so pleased that I can now say I really do wear ALL my clothes!

Angela, London

I have cleared out my wardrobe, got rid of half of my clothes but I have twice as much to wear.

Leah, New York