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Do you ever wish you felt put together? That your outfits had more impact?

That your style was more expressive of who you are and felt more fitting for how good you could feel?

The key to this is to understand the difference between just getting dressed and styling yourself.

And the key to that is all wrapped up in one word:


I’ve been talking alot with my clients about intention, as life flies by us with the demands of work, family, social life, keeping fit and well or just the pure overwhelm of getting it all perfect and right it can be difficult to have the head space to think about our style.

However it’s incredible when we take just a moment to think about how we want to feel in our clothes and what we are drawn to that we can see amazing results with a change in our style and a more confident feel about our reflection.

I’m sure you are thinking, sounds good but Loulou how do I go about making those changes?

If you want to become more intentional with your style and go from just wearing the same outfit as you did yesterday to expressing yourself in more interesting ways then here is some advice for you:

First of all here are 3 the key questions to ponder


some practical advice on how to dress intentionally so that you can feel and look amazing!

Let’s get started

Step 1. Key questions to ask yourself so you can start styling yourself


Who’s style do I admire – what is it about their style that speaks to me?

What is my favourite item of clothing, what does that say about me?

What energy do I want to bring to life today?

By taking a moment to reflect on these questions we can start to interact with our wardrobe with more intention.

From these questions you could create a look board, as I do with my clients to get you inspired.

Like this one:


Step 2. Practical steps to help you go from getting dressed to styling yourself

Use these ideas with the clothes you already own!

Pick out the colours in a print.

Take a moment to look at the colours and co-ordinate. I so often see clients that overlook the many amazing colours that exist within a print and how they already have the items in their wardrobe that they could match it with.

Anicdotal note: I once interviewed incredible milliner Stephen Jones and this was his top tip ‘if in doubt, co-ordinate’

ARTISAN STUDIO Woodblock Floral Fauna Jacket Black | Women's Jackets | Monsoon UK.

Source: Monsoon

Add one intentional colour pop

Use your shoes, accessories or make up. Often investing in shoes that have a universal colour such as red, pale pink or even tan can help you to make your outfitting feel more intentional and interesting

This contains an image of: Gwyneth Paltrow Jumpsuit

Source: Style Bistro

Tiny tweaks like cuffing/pushing your sleeves up and adding accessories

The smallest of tweaks can make the biggest of differences. Don’t just plonk your clothes on and hope for the best. Make sure they are sat well on your body, check if a sleeve rolled up would make an outfit feel more finished or perhaps just changing out the same earrings you wear each day will help you to feel more fresh and unique.

This contains an image of: Unavailable page

Source: Sezane

P.S. This is one of my most recommended items of clothing: The Will Jacket from Sezane

Plan your outfit the night before

Making this an intentional part of your daily routine can really relive the stress of the early morning getting dressed panic. If you are still working from home, it will make the at home commute far more exciting and you might even surprise yourself with how productive you feel!

PRO-TIP: If you like to wait until you feel in the morning, just choose one item that you want to intentionally wear. Could be something as small as a pair of earrings that you’ve not worn in a while that you could style the whole outfit around.

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Source: Etsy

As a Style Coach I coach you so that you can have this intention with your style day to day.

I take my clients through a programme over a series of weeks so that they can create new habits and intentions with their dressing.

Discovering their unique sense of style and taste, so that they can step into their life with full presence and positive feeling.

Are you ready to be more intentional with your dressing and go from just getting dressed to styling yourself.

If so, I can’t wait to help you discover how to be more yourself.

Let’s talk, fill in the contact form HERE telling me what you are looking to achieve.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Loulou x