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How to help the world get dressed again

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I was recently approached by a well known UK high street retailer to help get their teams ready for opening again on 12th April.

After working in retail management for 16 years with brands that grounded me in the importance of experience (mainly Hobbs and Anthropologie) and running my own Style Coaching business for 5 years I know the importance of making style personal.

I see first hand the challenges my clients are facing. They want quick yet impactful solutions to their style problems.

I believe the recent pandemic is going to compound the customers need for better solutions to their style challenges.

Less wastage, more fun.

There has never been a more important time to help the customer get dressed again, to help them step away from the joggers and into clothes that befit the brighter future ahead.

If you are a retailer, large or small

Here are my 8 top tips for retailers to help their teams.

  1. Experience has to be front and centre. Things to look at, touch, smell, dazzle the eyes with. Welcoming, intererested staff that are busy but up for a party. Buzz that fits with the brand. If it takes the staff trying clothes on on a quiet day or bringing a creative project onto the shop floor to add that interest do whatever it takes to invite the customer into your world.
  2. Show customers you’re interested in developing a relationship with them by helping them to maximise every item of clothing they buy from you. This is not just about the sale, those days are gone. It has to be deeper than that, it has to be about valuing them and every item they purchase from you. Empower your team to talk about the benefits of an item’s longevity, how it will enrich the customers life and wardrobe beyond this season and for years to come.
  3. Lead with empathy and kindness – some of your customers will feel anxious and overwhelmed about stepping back into store. Use phrases like ‘how are you feeling about being back in store’ or ‘when was the last time you went shopping?’ to strike up conversation. Meet the customer where they are at. Be human, hire people who are actually interested in finding out the answer.
  4. Use new questions when styling in the fitting rooms. How wonderful would it be to hear in the fitting rooms so ‘what do you want to keep the same about your style’ or ‘what colours really excite you?’. Have a fresh take on finding out about the customer so you can help her to natural evolve her style.
  5. Understand how to dress up and dress down clothing – versatility is key. Clothes are no longer for a season, they must be for life. Engage with this concept by ensuring your teams are trained to know how to dress up and dress down an item to fit with our more casualised way of life.
  6. Colour is going to be the trend of the season, perhaps the year – know what colours suit which skin and how to play with it. Colour sales have already gone through the roof, train the team to see when colours work on different skin tones and when they don’t. Get creative with colour combinations, showing people the versatility of colour.
  7. Develop confidence within your teams of how clothes should be cared for. Just like our grandmas would have cared for and treated their clothes, this is key to the longevity of an item and this is something people lack confidence in. How glorious would it be if retailers even offered this in store – ways to give old clothes new life.
  8. Bodies will have changed shape during the pandemic, develop your teams confidence in dealing with their customers inner critic. A great example of this is if a customer says ‘I’ve put on a lot of weight’ the assistant could reply ‘let me help you feel amazing in your new body’. Don’t dismiss the issue but make it a problem that you have the solutions to.

I really believe the time is now for retailers to set a new and exciting tone. Retail is definitely not dead but it can’t go back to the way it worked before with boring phrases like ‘are you looking for anything in particular?’.

People have learnt to live with less during this time, every item needs to be valued, every customer cherished and cared for, every day a celebration. I believe the profits and loyalty will come if you make your shop an engaging, welcoming and interesting space full of interested people that find the solutions to your customers problems. Lead from there.

People will be feeling lost when it comes to getting dressed, seeking out comfort but a bolder version of themselves – Be the knowledge they are seeking and they will come to you.

We are in a time where fashion, retail and stylists need to show the power of dressing for a happier world. For true progress we must show how we can lean into a more sustainable, circular model where we truly maximise our clothes and wear all our wardrobe.

So can I help you? If you would like me to come speak to your teams, to develop that experience in store and to re-engage them with a new tone of empathy and postivity then get in touch.

And finally, please share this article & let’s help more of the world get dressed again.

How to transform your personal style

The 3 power pieces to own in your work wardrobe

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The 3 power pieces to own in your work wardrobe

Did you know that by 2020 50% of people will work remotely.

The world of work is changing.

Learning the art of smart casual, the art of dressing down to dress up is at the heart of it.

The uniform of black and navy suits is reserved to a smaller working elite but I truly believe that we need to still get dressed everyday to be successful. Polish and refinement even when you are more casual. The greater challenge to express yourself but it ‘s very exciting that you can have fun with your clothes and not be confined to a boring uniform.

Read below to see the 3 pieces every modern women should own, plus street style inspiration to ensure you turn up as a leader and an authority everyday.

Pro Tip: Use the street style inspiration photos to start a pinterest board of your own of favourite looks you’d like to emulate.


1. The Wow Suit

No more plain black or navy suits, the wow suit is the modern professional’s hardest working item in their wardrobe.

The wow element can come from a great colour, a intesresting tailoring detail like a pleat or a belt and also pattern. Spots, check’s and florals are all great.

Don’t underestimate the power that can come from classic suit fabrics like a herringbone in a modern cut with wide, cropped trousers.

Pair with: Keep the base layer simple with a silk or lace cami, basic t-shirt or classic white shirt and let the suit do the talking.

Pro Tip: Wear them together for ultimate wow or use them everyday with your basics to ensure your style always has that modern polish.

Street Style inspiration


What to buy

Matériel Belted Jacquard Suit

& other Stories Belted Kick Flare Suit

The Fold Almeida Suit


Zara Pinstripe double breasted Suit *At time of publication trousers still to be launched


Suit Supply Cameron 4 Button Check suit

2. 24/7 dress

The dress that will take you everywhere, in every season, for every event.

A 24/7 dress will be the item that will fix your style woes. it will be the item that exudes effortless and timelessness – Enough detail to make it interesting but not date. The key to signalling assuredness and expressing you is the fit.

The 24/7 dress will embrace you fully, highlight the bits you love and boost your daily confidence  and if you find the right length (it hits the narrowest part of your leg) can be worn with flats.

Luckily for you the dress is having an absolute moment so there is something for everyone.

Pair with: Knee high boots are going to be A/W 2019 go to shoe.

Pro Tip: Make friends with a tailor to ensure that you achieve that made to measure look and why not try unbuttoning that shirt dress and wear it open over some trousers to give it an updated look.

Street Style Inspiration



What to buy

Hobbs Blue Diana Dress


Cos Asymmetric Dress


Baujken Aubrey Dress


Paul Smith Off leopard Dress



Karen Millen Snake Print Wrap dress


Reiss Slim Fit Dress

3. Your Best Coloured Silk Blouse

A coloured silk blouse is the perfect hump day item to own in your wardrobe. If you are feeling tired and your skin needs a lift, put on the blouse in the colour that suits you best. Unsure of what colours suit you then notice what colours you are wearing when you get compliments or look in a mirror and notice what colours bring your skin to life.

They are perfect if you are working from home and still want to feel elevated but relaxed, they are even better when you’ve had a late night!

Pair with: Jeans and sock boot or a suit in the same colour to make some real impact.

Pro Tip: Have fun with colours in the same colour but different tones to show you have real creative flair.

Street Style Inspiration





What to buy


Vince Limonatta Satin Short Sleeve


& other stories straight fit silk shirt


WTR Dulcie Long Split Sleeve


Arket Satin Zip Top


Relaxed Lustrous Shirt

Final Thought

Use your clothes at the office/workplace or working from home as way to get your mind in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Notice which clothes and which colours help you to be more productive and notice what the response is from those around you.

Use your clothes as a way to communicate your ambition and most importantly plan your outfit the night before, don’t leave it up to chance.

Let me know how you get on and if you have enjoyed this post then come over and if you are struggling to enjoy buying new clothes then I’d recommend reading This Blog post has the best shopping Tip EVER

& if you aren’t doing so already come follow me on Instagram

Trend: Brown is the colour for Autumn

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I’ve been saying to my clients for a while, just you wait, ‘brown will be back’. I can now officially say ‘it’s here’.

Brown is a colour that divides opinion but there is no denying its back in the shops and is the colour of Autumn 2018.  You may remember it from the 70’s or you may remember it from the early 00’s. You may be excited by its return or wishing deeply for it to go away.

Whichever way, have a look through my guide to of how to wear brown, my favourite looks and where to buy brown this season.

To start, take a look at the reasons why to consider brown at all:

  1. There is a tone of brown for everyone
  2. Brown is a softer alternative to black
  3. Brown is the perfect shade for going into Autumn
  4. Brown works with the softer warmer tones of terracotta and rust
  5. Brown and Black is chic
  6. Brown works just as well with fresher cooler pinks and lavender
  7. You can wear brown in florals, leopard print, checks and spots


Brown Inspiration


Tonal Victoria Beckham Pre-fall 2017


Keeping it soft and tailored at New York Fashion Week


Soft, comfy and elegant


Brown and colourful touches


Leopard print : Captured at New York Fashion Week


Brown Snakeprint at New York Fashion Week


Brown Cord suit & Brown Accessories at New York Fashion Week

Where to buy

 Arket : the perfect place for minimal, stylish basics

Cashmere Roll Neck

Fluid Twill Trousers

Massimo Dutti : Tailored, classic additions to your wardrobe

Chocolate Jumpsuit

Sezane : French, feminine and romantic

Floral Midi Skirt


Leather Boots

& other stories: playful touches

leather Cowboy boots

Leopard Print Button down

So go have a play with brown and let me know how you get on!

Come and follow me at for more daily style lessons

Top 4 : The In-between jacket

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Top 4  : The in-between Jacket

At this time of year it is essential you are ready for all aspects of British weather. This is where the in-between jacket comes into play.

The amazing thing about the in-between jacket is it does just that, fills the gap between two extremes. So they are great for hot days and cooler evenings, for making us feel smarter with a more casual outfit or vice versa. But they are also a great style trick to have in your back pocket for the days when your clothes are feeling a little tighter than normal, the in-between jacket will help you feel svelte and tailored.

This is a trend that actually helps you with your day to day life, so I would encourage you to invest.

The high street is brimming with them at the moment so here is my guide to the top 4 to have in your wardrobe.

How I wear the Army Shaket (Jacket and Shirt…gettit?!)


Without a doubt this is the best army shaket I’ve found. Thicker than a shirt but light enough to wear on a summer evening. A pale army green, that technically isn’t in my colour palate but when paired with a red lipstick I feel casual but smart. The deep pockets are great when I’m in those mum days and need to have tissues and snacks at the ready.

I would highly recommending investing in this jacket.

For a more playful approach, I love this Anthropologie Embroidered Patch Jacket.


How I wear the collarless cropped jacket


Uterque Pink Cropped split flares and western tassle shirt and Diane Von Furstenburg Jacket £144.

A cropped collarless jacket is one of the most elegant of the in-between jacket edit. It works well with trousers, jumpsuits, skirts and dresses. It helps highlight the waist, it showcases great jewellery and this sheer one from Diane Von Furstenberg gives you a light summer feel. The selling point for me was the silver zip, it took the classic shape to a more modern place.

It truly dresses up every outfit.

My Look: Uterque Cropped Split Flares, Uterque western shirt, DVF Navy Jacket

This will be a jacket I’ll own for a long time.


Diane Von Furstenberg Navy Pintuck jacket £144


How I wear The Leopard Print Jacket


Ganni Camberwell Jacket £225

Please believe me when I tell you that Leopard Print is a neutral. It will go with everything and is a classic piece that never goes out of fashion. Having said that it is having a particular moment at the moment, with Vogue announcing it as an AW18 Trend, seen at Victoria Beckham and Caroline Herrera’s shows. It works for most skin and hair types so will really be dependent on your style personality type.

Buy this one that I’m wearing from Ganni here or alternatively this one from & other stories is great. The waist detailing moves it away from being too boxy for those of you that want to define your waist.

Stories Leopard Print Jacket £89


How I wear the denim jacket on steroids


There is no doubt that a denim jacket is a great piece for everyone but the classics have felt too reserved for me lately and if you want to add some real interest to your wardrobe I’d recommend this Levis Made and Crafted jacket, which you can buy HERE. It has beading in emerald and pale turquoise and the lace detailing is a perfect contrast to the rough denim.

Or alternatively ask Mrs Lang to customise one for you. Her pieces are one off’s, bespoke and incredibly priced, she does army jackets and velvet blazers too. She was featured in the FT as the ‘customising queen and I have seen her work up close and its is beautiful. Check out her Instagram!

Let me know how you get on and as always if you are in need of some style advice, drop me an email at

Or follow my daily Style Lessons on Instagram








Top 5 : Pointed Summer Mules

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The Pointed mule: Bringing a touch of class to an outfit, whilst retaining a sense of informality is everything I want from a shoe and I think I’ve found the answer to compliment every look this season.

Spring/Summer dressing is creative but it can be challenging to dress on those in between days. For that instant injection of the latest trend, try a mule. A great fix if you haven’t had your pedicure and a perfect leg lengthener for trousers and a the easiest shoe to slip on and throw off.

I’ve included a few of my favourite black pairs for that truly classic wardrobe staple but if you are after a touch of character and attitude go for colour or embellishment.

How to Style them : Classic & Black Pointed Mules


A timeless black leather mule in every height adds elegance and poise to a simple trench, stonewash ankle jean, sunglasses and a pop of red. Conversely, if you want something more fashion aware pair with a pyjama style wide leg trousers.


Shop them here : Classic & Black Pointed Mules


& other Stories pointed block £79

& other stories with House of Hackney £79

How to Style them: Embellished + Bright Pointed Mules

If you want to redefine how you dress your feet and complete your outfit with something more outstanding then go for a bold bright shoe to bring a pop of colour to your look. Pinks, reds or oranges give floral connotations, perfect for stepping into spring- try to match them with a similarly coloured lipstick to enhance your look. If you want to stand out from the crowd but aren’t quite ready for a super bright shoe, try looking for an embellished mule; something with a tassel, buckle or strap is striking and adds a focal point to an outfit without going mad on colour.

Shop them here : Embellished & Bright Pointed Mules

Muhra Raffia Mules Jigsaw £98

Mango Emerald Heel Leather mules £98


Mix/Isa Arfen Orange/Pink Colourblock Bow Mule £125

Casual or classy, mules should be your new best friend and most worn item this season, so go and find the mules that best brighten your day!

Thank you to Rosie Berhi for all her contributions on this article, you can find her at and you can follow her on Instagram @behristyle.

Head over to Instagram to see my take on the mule.





TREND: Top 3 Spring Looks to add to your wardrobe

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TREND: Top 3 Spring Looks

In the first of our blog posts by Rosie Behri, trend forecaster for The Styling Storey, Rosie invites us into the world of Spring.

Over to Rosie:

Are you ready to shed your heavy winter coat into something more lively, evocative and playful? Are you ready to embrace the start of Spring? The promise of lighter evenings and the memories of snow fading from our minds, the perfect place to start with my trend reports is with my top 3 Spring looks of 2018 to get you all feeling reinvigorated for the start of the season.

Scroll to see the 3 Spring looks and where you can recreate them

Look 1 : Pastels


Pastels are quintessentially Spring.  You can choose the more sugary tones like mint green, mauves, blushes, lemon yellow’s and cornflower blues which are proving so popular on the high street. The colours feel fresh yet bold. However if you want to evoke a greater sense of calm into your style, you can go down the route of more earthy pastels such as khaki or beige for that rustic vibe.

Pair with a white shoe or boot (check out our Top 5 white boots here) to keep the look modern and fresh or dress down with black and navy to give the pastels a more classic feel.

Match them with a minimal yet glossy makeup look to achieve an overall refreshed appearance.

Whatever you do, this is the opportunity to try a colour that feels new and unexpected!

Pastels: Where to Buy

Zara Double Breasted Wool Coat £119


COS gathered hem shirt dress £69


Look 2 : Wide Cut Trousers

Wide Leg Spring Trouser


Bright, muted, printed, silky, high waist, cropped, ankle grazer. You can’t go wrong with a wide cut trouser; they bring a sense of class to an outfit no matter what they are paired with and are the perfect match with a roll neck or jumper for a more relaxed look. This season has seen the rise of the wide leg trouser, allowing women to bring a sense of femininity to their dressing without wearing a dress.

If you need a leg lengthener then choose the side stripe trouser for complete wow impact!

Wide Cut Trouser: Where to buy



Look 3 : Trench Coats


A staple piece for every women wardrobe, the trench is back with vengeance. It can be styled to ooze edginess especially when paired with bold brights. It will smarten up a casual t-shirt and jeans look as well as look glamorous over a dress.

Whatever your personality, this versatile item can do whatever you need it to do; colourful, neutral, printed? If you can’t decide what kind of coat is for you, go for a timeless beige. Adding try elegance to your wardrobe.

Where to buy: Trench Coats


So let us know, what is your favourite Spring Look. What are you going to try this season?

Whatever you choose to enliven your wardrobe with this Spring, make sure you feel confident and love what you are wearing!

Love Rosie  x


For more Style Lessons, come over to Instagram and follow Loulou Storey’s Daily Style Lessons or for styling or wardrobe help get in contact with Loulou Storey.