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The secrets you need to know to feel contemporary everyday

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We live in a world where we have to be prepared for everything and anything, everyday. Our clothes have to take us from school run to commute, to Skype conference call to a meal out. Our wardrobes have to work hard for us and on top of that we want to feel good, feel authentic, feel appropriate all whilst feeling contemporary in our clothes. Sounds like a big ask but the secret to feeling cool and edgier in a practical way is simpler that you may think.

The secret is mastering the art of smart casual dressing.

This is where most people struggle; its the middle ground of dressing that is becoming a bigger part of our lives. With many of us working in increasingly more casual environments we no longer need to be in suits but that can often mean we go too far the other way and we live in the ‘old favourite’ jeans and jumpers with very little variety. It’s no wonder that so many feel disconnected from their style, craving to feel ‘put together’, dreaming of discovering and communicating their contemporary, edgy side.

If this sounds like you then take note:

Secret 1: Opposites attract

Probably the most important element when creating a smart casual look is to put opposites together. This is the tip that all stylists work by. Do as it says; match smart & casual. Dressy skirt with a casual t-shirt and trainers or jeans with a blouse and blazer.

Think about pairing feminine and masculine together, its also important to include a moment of calm with your outfitting. A tailored navy trousers & brogues (masculine) with a white t-shirt (moment of calm), pink coat and a silk neckerchief (feminine) would be a great everyday look.

Secret 2: Everyday luxuries

The better the quality of your clothes, the simpler you can keep it. This will ensure that minimum effort gives you maximum appeal. If you also focus on adding a touch of decadence into your everyday wardrobe you will even make a Monday feel special. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on cashmere, you can add small touches such as a lace trim or a flash of velvet and you will elevate and feminise your clothing.

Secret 3: Dress to impress yourself

So often our attire shifts and changes depending on who we are meeting up with. We are more concerned about what the other person might think of us rather than what we think of ourselves. Start dressing to impress you, wow yourself and stop getting in the way of feeling gorgeous everyday by putting on the same old clothes.

Secret 4: Dress smarter than you want to feel

Don’t save it for best, wear it now. Make today special and live in your best clothes. If you live in jeans and t-shirts then you can quickly lift your outfitting to the next level by adding in some tailoring. A knee length blazer and a wide leg pair of trousers would be a great addition to every wardrobe.

Secret 5: Do something different

If you want to feel differently in your clothes, wear something different. You can help yourself by moving things around in your wardrobe, see what new combinations you could wear tomorrow and notice how you feel in them.

There you go. Good luck and remember that once smart casual has been mastered you will be amazed at how your wardrobe will open up with so many more options. You’ll be prepared for everything and anything AND you’ll be shimmying down the street with effortless style.

And if you are ever in doubt, just ask ‘what would Garance wear?’ (see photo)

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

How to wear it like you everyday

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It may not be the case for everyone but a lot of us wish that we dressed with more character, style and passaz and blame our clothes and lack of time as the trouble makers for our samey, uninspired bland appearance.

Well I am here to help you perk up those bland clothes and support you in the realisation that there is a lot more excitement in that wardrobe than you give it credit for.Here are my top tips on how to be a little more creative with your style from the clothes you already own:

  1. Clear the crap. I know its boring but you may have forgotten what you own, there are probably hidden gems in there. So if you can put some time aside and go through what you own and get rid of clothes that you are bored of/don’t fit/make you feel uncomfortable it will make your life a lot easier.
  2. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good. That dress that you keep saying, ‘I’ll wear it one day’, bite the bullet and wear it today and if it doesn’t make you feel wonderful then say ‘ta ta for now’ and give it to charity where it can go to a new home. This is also a great option if you don’t have time to clear the clutter, aim to wear everything in your wardrobe and cull your clothes one by one!
  3. Think ahead and dress how you want to feel. As you are going to sleep at night and rushing through your mind are all those thoughts about the emails you haven’t replied to or the cleaning you haven’t done, fill your mind with a more colourful thought; Pick your intention for the day and match a colour with it. Choose an item from your wardrobe of that colour and build your outfit from that.
  4. Take Care. Take an extra 30 seconds to put on a necklace/pair of earrings/scarf/bracelet, those small touches will lift any outfit and that attention to detail will give you the character you desire. Just don’t wear them all at once!! Less is more.
  5. Have fun with new combo’s. Think about ‘sandwiching’ (wearing all one colour e.g. navy with a flash of a complimentary colour e.g. Yellow) ‘going tonal’ (wearing all of one colour in different shades) or use one piece as the inspiration and build an outfit around a fav scarf and picking the colours out from it.
  6. Print clashing is a really fun way to be more creative. The key to it is to choose 2 pieces of clothing with exactly the same colours but ensure one has a larger print than the other & instant interest in your outfit.
  7. Look around you, be inspired. Keep your head up and appreciate the beauty that is all around and spot what others are wearing or or if you are surrounded by nappies, dive into Pinterest for inspiration and try to recreate it with what you already own.
  8. Wear it all. Get the most out of your wardrobe by wearing your dressy clothes everyday. Take a little risk and wear those dressy trousers with some white high tops, a white T-shirt and a denim jacket or wear your casual sweatshirt jumper with a stunning necklace, some jeans and pumps. Don’t forget you to wear those summer jackets as cardi’s in the winter under oversized coats.
  9. Have fun with length. A longer top/cardi/kimono/jacket can make a pair of everyday jeans/leggings feel a lot more glamorous, give you a dose of cool and help lengthen out the curves.
  10. At least one pop of colour. If all else fails, keep it simple, wear the basics & like my granny Annie says just pop some lippy on and it will perk up any outfit (or at least distract from it)!

My name is Loulou Storey and I’m an international Style and Confidence Coach helping you feel more inspired to wear it like you everyday.

Contact me at to sign up to my monthly style boost email, just say the words Yes Please or follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or friend me on Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you.

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