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10 things every successful wardrobe needs

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10 things every successful wardrobe needs

(click on the item for my recommendation of where to buy)

1. Hangers.
This is at the top of the list for a reason. Makes a crazy big difference to instantly upgrade your existing clothes. Spacesaving and ensures you feel like your stepping into your very own boutique. Love a grey or stone (avoid black unless you wear a lot of black)

2. Steamer

If you want to make your clothes look polished even through they are older or even if you like me do not have the time to iron then a handheld steamer is the way forward. Check out this Tefal one.

3. Pants
Ever since working with Triumph I was converted to their underwear, in particular their True Shape Sensation style and Amourette.

4. Full length Mirror
How can you be sure your outfit works, if you can’t see yourself? Don’t avoid yourself, you’ve probably done something right. Habitat and Ferm Living are my go – to’s.

5. Chunky Sandal (or trainer)
Comfort, modernity and edge are wrapped up in a chunky sole. My favourite brands are Hush, Camper, Dr Martin, Clergerie. (Click on the brand to see my favourite shoe!)

6. Wide leg silky trouser
Adds feminity, interest and ease. WFH or out in the evening. With a sweater or a blazer it will work. Mango, Jigsaw, Whistles and Harvey Nichols are my go to’s.

7. The I feel so bloated but still look chic dress.
So many around, here are some of my favourites: Zara, Monki, Neul via Goodhood, Wyse London, Essentiel Antwerp

8. A lift your tired face earring.
Pearls have defininely been updated in the last few years. I love these faux from & other Stories and I’m regularly recommending Olivia and Pearl.

9. A sense of pride & care. Our wardrobes are often a reflection about how we care and look after ourselves.

10. A playful attitude and a curiosity to get to know yourself better

As one client said to me today:’I can’t believe it’s taken me until I’m 64 to understand who I am. I’m trying not to be frustrated that I didn’t do it sooner’

How to go from just getting dressed to styling yourself

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Do you ever wish you felt put together? That your outfits had more impact?

That your style was more expressive of who you are and felt more fitting for how good you could feel?

The key to this is to understand the difference between just getting dressed and styling yourself.

And the key to that is all wrapped up in one word:


I’ve been talking alot with my clients about intention, as life flies by us with the demands of work, family, social life, keeping fit and well or just the pure overwhelm of getting it all perfect and right it can be difficult to have the head space to think about our style.

However it’s incredible when we take just a moment to think about how we want to feel in our clothes and what we are drawn to that we can see amazing results with a change in our style and a more confident feel about our reflection.

I’m sure you are thinking, sounds good but Loulou how do I go about making those changes?

If you want to become more intentional with your style and go from just wearing the same outfit as you did yesterday to expressing yourself in more interesting ways then here is some advice for you:

First of all here are 3 the key questions to ponder


some practical advice on how to dress intentionally so that you can feel and look amazing!

Let’s get started

Step 1. Key questions to ask yourself so you can start styling yourself


Who’s style do I admire – what is it about their style that speaks to me?

What is my favourite item of clothing, what does that say about me?

What energy do I want to bring to life today?

By taking a moment to reflect on these questions we can start to interact with our wardrobe with more intention.

From these questions you could create a look board, as I do with my clients to get you inspired.

Like this one:


Step 2. Practical steps to help you go from getting dressed to styling yourself

Use these ideas with the clothes you already own!

Pick out the colours in a print.

Take a moment to look at the colours and co-ordinate. I so often see clients that overlook the many amazing colours that exist within a print and how they already have the items in their wardrobe that they could match it with.

Anicdotal note: I once interviewed incredible milliner Stephen Jones and this was his top tip ‘if in doubt, co-ordinate’

ARTISAN STUDIO Woodblock Floral Fauna Jacket Black | Women's Jackets | Monsoon UK.

Source: Monsoon

Add one intentional colour pop

Use your shoes, accessories or make up. Often investing in shoes that have a universal colour such as red, pale pink or even tan can help you to make your outfitting feel more intentional and interesting

This contains an image of: Gwyneth Paltrow Jumpsuit

Source: Style Bistro

Tiny tweaks like cuffing/pushing your sleeves up and adding accessories

The smallest of tweaks can make the biggest of differences. Don’t just plonk your clothes on and hope for the best. Make sure they are sat well on your body, check if a sleeve rolled up would make an outfit feel more finished or perhaps just changing out the same earrings you wear each day will help you to feel more fresh and unique.

This contains an image of: Unavailable page

Source: Sezane

P.S. This is one of my most recommended items of clothing: The Will Jacket from Sezane

Plan your outfit the night before

Making this an intentional part of your daily routine can really relive the stress of the early morning getting dressed panic. If you are still working from home, it will make the at home commute far more exciting and you might even surprise yourself with how productive you feel!

PRO-TIP: If you like to wait until you feel in the morning, just choose one item that you want to intentionally wear. Could be something as small as a pair of earrings that you’ve not worn in a while that you could style the whole outfit around.

1) Branch length (maximum 59 inches (150 cm),maximum for birch 55.1 inches (140 cm)) 2) The length of the hanging material (vertical distance between the ceiling and the branch). For example: If you have 8 ft ceiling (2.43 meters) the perfect length for hanging material is 32.7 inches (83 cm). If you're living in a space with a teeny tiny closet (or no closet at all), then we have something for you. Our clothing racks are efficient, attractive, affordable and easy to assemble. You'll never miss

Source: Etsy

As a Style Coach I coach you so that you can have this intention with your style day to day.

I take my clients through a programme over a series of weeks so that they can create new habits and intentions with their dressing.

Discovering their unique sense of style and taste, so that they can step into their life with full presence and positive feeling.

Are you ready to be more intentional with your dressing and go from just getting dressed to styling yourself.

If so, I can’t wait to help you discover how to be more yourself.

Let’s talk, fill in the contact form HERE telling me what you are looking to achieve.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Loulou x


How to unstick your Style Rut

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*Post originally written for the wonderful t-shirt brand IVY T, you can view it HERE

How to unstick your Style Rut

There are many moments in our life when our style can feel stuck.

If this is you right now please remember that you are not alone and you will not stay stuck forever.

The aim of this blog is to help you down that path of unsticking your style rut and take your daily dressing to a place of expression and ease. Ensuring you can walk down the street feeling like ‘this is me’, head held high.

But how do you get to that place of effortless expression?

Well here are 3 steps that I have identified for you, follow these and you’ll see a real difference in your style.

I’m calling them the 3 F’s.

1. Your Foundations
2. Key Foundational Knowledge
3. Buying Your Foundational Items

1. Your Foundations

I believe we all have a unique personal style, a style that really speaks to the soul of who we are. This is beyond body shape and colouring and fitting into the limiting box that previous stylists have given us to belong in.

Instead this is about developing our own aesthetic taste, finding clothes that match our personal values and curating a wardrobe that helps us to do both the self – expression as well as the practical bit of living life!


With this in mind, I’d recommend that you write a list of what you love. A great place to start is with an item that brings you joy, perhaps a painting or your newly renovated kitchen. For me, when I had an identity crisis shortly after the brith of my own daughter, I made a list on my phone of why i loved my favourite leather rucksack, by Kate Sheridan.

It was unusual, modern, practical and made every outfit feel cool. It was high quality and of considered design. It helped me connect with what lit me up about clothes and design.

It gave me some key words that mattered to my style.

Write these key words down about a favourite item you own to remind you of what matters to you.

2. Key Foundational Knowledge

Next step is working out what you need to get better at by having either better behaviours or better knowledge.

Here’s a list to choose from, what do you need to improve?:

– About your body proportions and how to dress them
– About what colours can be worn together
– About where to shop to find clothes that match your desired style
– Understand smart casual
– How to be more positive and supportive about your reflection


– Become better at planning your outfits
– Give yourself dedicated time to create new outfits and photograph them for easy access on a busy day
– Put up a full length mirror so you can see what you are wearing
– Create a mood board so you feel inspired for the upcoming season
– Start giving and receiving compliments

Feel free to choose from one of the above but also write down your personal list that is going to help you become more confident and capable at getting dressed. Then highlight the biggest priority and work on that.

3. Buying Your Foundational Items

The Mabel by Ivy T

Having quality basics or as I like to call them ‘foundational items’ in your wardrobe is key to ensuring even on a bad day your clothes make you feel amazing.

T-shirts are the underpinning of today’s smart casual world, so we need ones that fit and wash well and feel incredible against our skin. This is why I love and regularly recommend Ivy T.

Finding T-shirts that fit our proportions will also help us to hold our head high in the knowledge we look amazing.

Whether you are straight up and down and prefer a more slouchy Erin fit to give you a bit of softness or you are curvy and love the Bea and Layla that allows you tuck in and create some waist definition or perhaps like me you just love a classic Mabel which will look timeless and cool every time adding these t-shirts into our wardrobe really will make a great difference.

The Bea T-shirt from Ivy T

Even if your style feels more expressive and you crave to take a bolder step don’t over look these pieces – a Red Breton Layla with your favourite floral or animal print skirt will definitely take you there!!


Layla T-shirt from Ivy T


Style is for us all and I believe we all have a personal style that is there to be discovered.

I believe we can all grow our outfitting confidence, discover our unique sense of style and stop wasting money on clothes we don’t wear.

If you need my help to discover your personal style, unstick yourself and move into a more uplifting place with your reflection then please do get in touch.

Come vist me at and on instagram @louloustorey_stylist.

10 Lessons my clients have learnt this week (that you can learn too)….

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There are many common themes that come up with my clients, repeating challenges that I see time and time again.
If your style is feeling stuck, you are overwhelemed with where to start, then I collated this list for you.

10 lessons my clients have learnt this week (that might help you too):

1. Have a full length mirror, hung on the wall in good day light. Sounds obvious but 75% of clients don’t own one. Let’s not get into the psychology of why but I promise it will make dressing so much easier.

2. Your waist is higher than you think, highlight it more.

3. Don’t worry about cold ankles just embrace high top trainers, sock boots, laced boots or great socks! Stuck on what socks to wear? Check out this blog post HERE that I wrote for sock recommendations.

4. Black shoes will often kill an outfit, especially if black drains you – go lighter (or see point no 6)!

5. To maximise your existing wardrobe try mixing things up by wearing similar tones and colours together.

6. Burgundy & pale pink is a neutral.

7. Be mindful of your mum (and dads) skin hair & eye colour, you might be buying the colours that suit them but not you.

8. Your pants matter, get a pair you feel good in and make you feel more confident in your own skin.

9. Create and set more positive intentions. You get what you put out there. Always saying ‘I can never find anything for me’ then that’s what you’ll get try switching for a saying such as ‘I’m interested in finding something that expresses who I am’.

10. Stop feeling guilty about enjoying style, it’s a beautiful way to have a voice, empower yourself and connect with a happier future.

You are not alone with your style challenges, there are many in the same boat as you and I’m here to help if you need it.
This post was first shared on Instagram at louloustorey_stylist and also check out this VIDEO where I talk through the points.
Why not, come join me on Instagram to get more inspiration and get yourself out of your style rut!

Holding onto the past? Connect with the healing power of style.

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Have you ever felt that you were never cool enough? Thin enough? Pretty enough?

Have you had the same feelings of dissapointment with yourself for quite sometime?

Do you feel like you have to apologise for being you?

Growing up, I often felt very uncomfortable in my skin.

The boys didn’t want to date me, I used to bounce around friendship groups trying to fit in with everyone and the hobby I loved, dancing, I was the wrong shape for. Awkward and uncomfortable in a leotard as I hit my teens.

I remember doing 100’s of sit ups every night to be thinner and have a flatter tummy, berating and hating my body.

During lockdown I’ve been thinking a lot about that teenage girl. She was told to stop showing off or wasting her money on clothes.

Often clothes were labelled as a waste of money, frivilous, but my love of getting dressed stemmed from a place of fighting to feel seen and accepted.

It’s made me come to realise the importance of thanking her for finding a way to believe in herself. For having the fiest to show up and get dressed despite feeling so rubbish about her reflection.

Getting dressed was a decision everyday to say ‘do you see me now?’ an opportunity to feel free in who I was and to explore who I was becoming.

It was and has always been that opporunity to let go of the past that was holding me back and step into one that is more hopeful.

And now? Well I’m happy with who i am, I’ve found my unapologetic place and I’m happy to be seen.

I love that I can keep using my tool of dressing to grow, to help me do the work, to honour how amazing I was as a teenager.

I didn’t see it then but I do now.

And the reason I’m sharing this today?

Today I recieved the most beautiful tesimonial from a client and it reminded me of my own story, the one from my childhood.

I’m sharing it as perhaps it will remind you of yours and encourage you to join us and move freer and work our way out of the shadows.


‘Working with Loulou:

When I was young I wanted to be a dancer. Excessive height, lack of talent, inappropriate body shape (in those days it was one shape and one only) got in the way.

What remains with me some fifty years later is the desire to move freely (every minute of the day) feel strong, be feminine and move out of the shadows a little.

I know this from my work with Loulou.

So now I wear the clothes that allow and celebrate this.  Every day I am happier. I have returned to the unfettered state of the child for whom anything is possible and the need to squeeze oneself into a shape more pleasing to others had not yet begun its narrowing, limiting process.

I feel so much lighter’.

We all have a story that we carry and it’s our choice as to whether we use it to propel us into a higher place or continue to wear it around our neck to pull us down deeper.

I’d love to help you find your way into a higher, lighter and freer place.

For more inspiration come follow me on INSTAGRAM

To get in contact head to this CONTACT ME page & fill in your details

5 Best Ecru White Jeans

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5 Best Ecru Jeans


Are you scared of wearing white jeans?

Think they are unflattering and impractical?

For the jean lovers that are reading this you may be missing a trick by not having a pair of Ecru Jeans in your wardrobe.

A very versatile and naturally chic item to own that will lift your existing wardrobe and be a great base for showcasing the colour you wear.

Not only do they come in a variety of shapes but I think they can really be worn all year around. In Winter they are especially perfect on a bright crisp winters day with a sumptuous piece of cashmere or a cozy bright knit.


Sezane Jeans - Le Brut Sexy


PRO- TIP: Ecru is such a universal white. Warmer than crisp cool snow white but fresher than cream. A great tone for most wardrobes.


Me & Em Adjustable Waist Slim Barrel Leg


PRO-TIP: If your concerned about the investment into lighter jeans as you are someone who gets jeans dirty then remember that if an ireversable stain occurs, just dye them a favourite colour of yours.


Zara Marine Straight Jean


PRO-TIP: Finding a pair on the high street can be the perfect way to introduce the ecru jean into your wardrobe.


COS Barrel Leg


PRO-TIP: The high street is doing a far better job with eco and organic options, seek them out!


Ted Baker Tapered High Rise Jean


PRO-TIP: Shop the highstreet in designer department stores. Their buyers will always do a great job of finding the special more elevated items and save you time.

Let me know are you an Ecru Jeans lover? Or do you think i’m crazy for suggesting it. Sometimes just investing in one thing that is new can open up your whole wardrobe!


The first 4 steps you have to take to transform your personal style

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Let me ask you a question. What did your lack of confidence with your style stop you doing last year and is this year going to be the same as last year??

If you are in a frustrated and disappointing place with your style but not sure how to do things differently, please don’t give up hope. It may feel overwhelming but by just actioning these first 4 steps you will start to become aware of where you need to build your knowledge,

  • Support and Knowledge: If clothes, style and wardrobe management are not your area of expertise, don’t beat yourself up over it. Asking for support, finding the experts out there and the resources that they have on offer is an important first step. (If you are reading this then you are on the right track!). Asking and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed of, you don’t know what you don’t know. Check out 10 Secrets that will help you feel like you have a new wardrobe.
  • Have a good mirror: I cannot tell you how many clients I work with have no way of truly seeing what their outfits look like. It can be painful to look at your appearance when its not what you want to see but for you to transform the way you look you have to take an honest appraisal of where you are at right now. How do you know what you look like, what works, what is flattering if you can’t see your reflection (in decent light)… i’ll leave it at that!
  • Take a daily photo: It can be very difficult to look at ourselves objectively. We are always staring at the bit we hate or feels out of proportion. A photo is a far better way to see if an outfit works. It will also help you to keep a record of the good outfits so on those tired and uninspired days you can go back and check the photo and repeat.
  • Allow yourself the time to think and plan: I see time and time again women feeling guilty about spending time on planning and looking after their style. They feel the time is frivolous, unproductive, vain and despite knowing how good they feel in the right outfit they carry a lot of guilt about it. Effortless style does not exist and the thinking, whether in small chunks or in big blocks, once it happens will make everyday dressing so much easier.

If you found this interesting, then try them out but it doesn’t have to end here. This is just the first step to success. For the next step we’ve created the ‘Transform your Personal Style’ Course.

If you have you ever wondered what your style would be like if you worked with a stylist.


If you are you in an endless cycle of wearing the clothes that are heaped at the top of the pile


If you feel ashamed and embarrassed about your appearance and secretly you know its holding you back?


If you want this year to be the year that you really know how to dress and express YOU then this course is for you.

After 20 years in the industry and working with 1000’s of women and years of planning and learning I am ready to teach you. This course will be a fully immersive experience and myself and the whole team will be there to guide you to your confident style destination.

Each week we will meet and we will take you step by step what you need to do to transform your style. To dress and express yourself and most importantly function in your day to day life.

Online Styling Course: Transform your personal style, starts on 1st February. The Course is £534, but early bird is £314 until 17th January.

Only 14 places, so make sure you grab yours quick.

During the 5 weeks you will learn and action:

– Developing and creating your sense of style and fashion taste

– Confidently dressing your body type, colourings and personality

– How to reinvent your current wardobe whilst building the perfect capsule wardrobe that functions in your day to day life

– How to confidently shop efficiently for the right items, where to shop to express you, knowing the right brands for your values and budget

– The confidence to get dressed everyday by choosing the right clothes to wear

– Innovative and stylish daily outfitting

– Accepting yourself, your body and learning to celebrate your uniqueness.

Live Q & A’s and 121 coaching to solve all your style challenges.


The 5 week course will be broken down into:

NB all calls recorded and sent out so if you can’t make it live, don’t worry you won’t miss out.

– 8 calls in total. Weekly Thursday online classes 7pm – 8pm

– 3 Saturday calls at 11am (see exact dates below)

– A Facebook community for live Q&A’s, moral support and inspiration.

– 1 x 1 hour personal coaching call with Loulou Storey to address your individual needs and questions.

– Weekly worksheets so you can put into practise what you’ve learnt


You will have access to:

– A supportive and inspiring facebook community who will keep you on the right path and are also all experiencing this at the same time as you.

– Not just Loulou but her whole team, including her trainee stylists and brand ambassadors who have all been through this process.

– Recordings of the lessons so you can watch at your own leisure.

– A 121 coaching session with Loulou, worth £150.

– Practical weekly assignments so you can go and implement all the theory in the lessons.

– 3 Saturday calls where we will answer all your style and fashion Q&A’s and frustrations, recap on the Thursday lessons and essentially keep you inspired and on track!

Just like Loulou’s support, this community based course will be intensive, holistic and practical so come willing to learn and ready to action!

BUY YOUR TICKET HERE Online Styling Course: Transform your personal style


Welcome and Intro: Saturday 1st Feb 10am – 11am

Then Every Thursday for 5 weeks 6th Feb – 5th March 7pm – 8pm

Keeping you inspired Mid term call Saturday15th February 10am – 11am

Term round up call Saturday 7th March 10am – 11am


Here is that link again to the workshop.

and if you would like more support on your own wardrobe, check out The 9 unexpected steps to detoxing your wardrobe  

Or of course we can do this in person, send an email to and let’s get you booked in.

Let’s make 2020 the year we really change your style and change how you approach your wardrobe.

How to be a successful stylist

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Do you have dreams of becoming a stylist? 

Would you like to know how to be a successful stylist?

Do you love dressing yourself and wondering if you could do the same for others?

Are you a stylist but struggling to find clients?

Perhaps you want to radically lift the standard of your own dressing by learning all the inside stylist tricks and tips and become more visible?

After 20 years in the industry there are 3 things I’d recommend you do to be a successful stylist:

  • Research : It’s important that you are put to date on what is in fashion and what is going on in the wider industry. Be up to date on the clothes in the shops, know unusual brands and be aware of the challenges of your clients and therefore the brands that would serve them best. Read the latest books on style and fashion (or try and get them at the Library if you are just starting out). Know what has been said in the past and create a stance on where you would like the industry to go.
  • Be aware of the emotional needs of your client. Don’t get caught into the trap of just focusing on body shape and colouring. Take a step back and really think about where the client is emotionally and how she wants to feel on a day to day basis. How can you help her make the leap to being more confident and belief in herself?
  • You have to look good, not just your client. You may be good at dressing others but you mustn’t forget about your own brand. If you are starting out focus in on 3 or 4 great outfits that truly represent you. Make sure your style is authentic to you but is a look you can grow into and will attract your ideal future client.

Would you like to do an online styling workshop?

This masterclass has ended, sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear when it’s on next 

If you have found this interesting then I have good news. For one time only I have a new online workshop happening. Online Styling Workshop: How to be a successful stylist.

For 3 hours become immersed in all things style and business. Learn Loulou’s unique method of working and how to ensure every client you work with walks away dying to give you a blossoming testimonial, thanking you for how you’ve turned their life around.

This is a one off opportunity to find out the secrets to Loulou’s method that she has developed over the last 20 years in the industry. She will share her insight and experience that has got her to build a successful Style Coaching business on to ITV and the BBC, allowed her to work with some of the UK’s top brands such as Me&Em and Karen Millen.

Workshop is £275 but we have 10 Early Bird tickets available at £150 until 14th October (at time of writing we had 4 left). 

The 3 hour workshop will be broken down into:

– Fundamentals of Style : How to style every figure, lifestyle and colouring.

– Loulou Storey Styling Method so every client walks away with confidence and a raving testimonial.

– How to be a top stylist: Ensure your look and social is on brand and you have a financially thriving business.

– Innovative, expressive and on trend outfitting ideas for you and your client.

– Live Q & A to solve all your style and business challenges.


Here is that link again to the workshop.

***This masterclass has ended, sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear when it’s on next *** 

and if you would like more support on your own wardrobe, check out The 9 unexpected steps to detoxing your wardrobe 

See you there!

HOW TO : Dress for the rain and not be boring!

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When it comes to British weather, there is no denying we have many rain days to contend with, so here’s my guide on how to look stylish and still express you even when the heavens pour down.

My Top Tips on how to keep rainwear interesting.

  1. Best 5 Styles to look for Trench / Cape / Parka / Quilted / Rain mac.
  2. Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring!
  3. Do I really need to say but keep it rain proof, check that it is suitable for the rain.
  4. Embrace colour, print and texture, whether that is a matt or a high shine finish. It’s a rainy dark day, why not use it as a way to brighten your day and add interest to your outfit rather than just cover up and hide.
  5. Layer, layer, layer: hooded tops under coats that don’t have a hood or capes over blazers for maximum coverage and outfit interest.
  6. Synthetic shoes and rubber soles are actually a better choice than leather which is porous, or alternatively look out for some rather cool weather proof shoes.

Inspirational Looks

TRENCH Vogue : How to dress for rain













My top rain buys to still stay stylish (just click on the photo to go through to site!)

It’s all very well seeing inspiring images, you need to find places to buy them. Here are my suggestions and do also check out the suggestions of other practical brands I regularly recommend to my clients.

There is no reason to feel unstylish in the rain again!


Rains Check PVC Trench






Arket Funnel neck Green Parka




Other Practical Brands to have on your radar when buying rainwear

Rain wear specialists

Petite Bateau / Sea saltStutterheim / Ducktails / Macintosh / Hunter / SWIMS 

Brands with Practical DNA

Carhaart /G Star/Burton / Uniqlo /Penfield / Canada Goose / Dr Martins

Have fun with your style, express you and lift your mood with your clothes no matter what the weather!

If you’d like to learn more about reigniting your personal style, getting clarity on what works for YOU, exuding inner confidence and make getting dressed everyday effortless, then my upcoming 5 week online style course is for you. Click here to find out more and start your personal style transformation.

How to transform your personal style

The 3 power pieces to own in your work wardrobe

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The 3 power pieces to own in your work wardrobe

Did you know that by 2020 50% of people will work remotely.

The world of work is changing.

Learning the art of smart casual, the art of dressing down to dress up is at the heart of it.

The uniform of black and navy suits is reserved to a smaller working elite but I truly believe that we need to still get dressed everyday to be successful. Polish and refinement even when you are more casual. The greater challenge to express yourself but it ‘s very exciting that you can have fun with your clothes and not be confined to a boring uniform.

Read below to see the 3 pieces every modern women should own, plus street style inspiration to ensure you turn up as a leader and an authority everyday.

Pro Tip: Use the street style inspiration photos to start a pinterest board of your own of favourite looks you’d like to emulate.


1. The Wow Suit

No more plain black or navy suits, the wow suit is the modern professional’s hardest working item in their wardrobe.

The wow element can come from a great colour, a intesresting tailoring detail like a pleat or a belt and also pattern. Spots, check’s and florals are all great.

Don’t underestimate the power that can come from classic suit fabrics like a herringbone in a modern cut with wide, cropped trousers.

Pair with: Keep the base layer simple with a silk or lace cami, basic t-shirt or classic white shirt and let the suit do the talking.

Pro Tip: Wear them together for ultimate wow or use them everyday with your basics to ensure your style always has that modern polish.

Street Style inspiration


What to buy

Matériel Belted Jacquard Suit

& other Stories Belted Kick Flare Suit

The Fold Almeida Suit


Zara Pinstripe double breasted Suit *At time of publication trousers still to be launched


Suit Supply Cameron 4 Button Check suit

2. 24/7 dress

The dress that will take you everywhere, in every season, for every event.

A 24/7 dress will be the item that will fix your style woes. it will be the item that exudes effortless and timelessness – Enough detail to make it interesting but not date. The key to signalling assuredness and expressing you is the fit.

The 24/7 dress will embrace you fully, highlight the bits you love and boost your daily confidence  and if you find the right length (it hits the narrowest part of your leg) can be worn with flats.

Luckily for you the dress is having an absolute moment so there is something for everyone.

Pair with: Knee high boots are going to be A/W 2019 go to shoe.

Pro Tip: Make friends with a tailor to ensure that you achieve that made to measure look and why not try unbuttoning that shirt dress and wear it open over some trousers to give it an updated look.

Street Style Inspiration



What to buy

Hobbs Blue Diana Dress


Cos Asymmetric Dress


Baujken Aubrey Dress


Paul Smith Off leopard Dress



Karen Millen Snake Print Wrap dress


Reiss Slim Fit Dress

3. Your Best Coloured Silk Blouse

A coloured silk blouse is the perfect hump day item to own in your wardrobe. If you are feeling tired and your skin needs a lift, put on the blouse in the colour that suits you best. Unsure of what colours suit you then notice what colours you are wearing when you get compliments or look in a mirror and notice what colours bring your skin to life.

They are perfect if you are working from home and still want to feel elevated but relaxed, they are even better when you’ve had a late night!

Pair with: Jeans and sock boot or a suit in the same colour to make some real impact.

Pro Tip: Have fun with colours in the same colour but different tones to show you have real creative flair.

Street Style Inspiration





What to buy


Vince Limonatta Satin Short Sleeve


& other stories straight fit silk shirt


WTR Dulcie Long Split Sleeve


Arket Satin Zip Top


Relaxed Lustrous Shirt

Final Thought

Use your clothes at the office/workplace or working from home as way to get your mind in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Notice which clothes and which colours help you to be more productive and notice what the response is from those around you.

Use your clothes as a way to communicate your ambition and most importantly plan your outfit the night before, don’t leave it up to chance.

Let me know how you get on and if you have enjoyed this post then come over and if you are struggling to enjoy buying new clothes then I’d recommend reading This Blog post has the best shopping Tip EVER

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