“Confident style is a great tool for living a thriving, fulfilling, purposeful life full of happiness and success.”

Loulou Storey

About Loulou

I have had the privilege of doing what I love for the last 19 years. Working with women from all over the world to find their style & to unleash their power through their clothing.

It all started on the shop floor, where I managed large teams for the biggest retailers on the high street. I also studied Fashion Marketing where I ended up specialising in sustainable fashion for my final dissertation at The London College of Fashion.

Going through a lot of change in my own life; with motherhood, a move of cities, new career and anxiety issues I saw how shaken our confidence can become when you go through change in your life. I used style in my own life as a tool to empower and heal and to start thriving once again. It wasn’t an easy journey but learning how to love and accept ourselves can be done.

Combining all this training and experience with my own passion for self development and seeing first hand how overwhelmed, confused, disheartened and lost many women felt when it came to dressing themselves, I started The Styling Storey; Style and Confidence going hand in hand.

I have vowed to help women not just look good everyday but feel remarkable everyday. To rebuild after change, shock and disappointment. To re-connect with themselves and see the beauty that exists within them once again reflected back to them in the mirror. To take back control of their future.

Style can be used as a tool to happiness and success. It can be learnt and I’d love to teach you how to love your reflection, how to outift, how to organise your wardrobe, how to shop, how to stop wasting money, how to wear it like you.

I know it can be done. I know what looks good and the steps needed to love your reflection.

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I’ve fallen in love with my clothes again and feel excited about getting dressed in the mornings.

My Favourite Things

  • Dancing to Chaka Khan or anything with lots of funk and soul, preferably outside, surrounded by my friends. Heaven!
  • Belly laughs with my daughter and husband.
  • Watching the sun and the world go by at dusk with a gin.
  • Getting sweaty at Crossfit and being amazed at what my body and mind can achieve
  • Finding new outfit combination in my wardrobe (it’s an obsession!)
  • Visiting art exhibitions and museums, I never miss a Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and The Met has become a new recent favourite after a business trip to NYC
  • Serendipitous moments, life is magical