A guide to confident summer dressing in lockdown.

The sun is out! Yay! But how are you finding dressing in lockdown? Has your confidence disappeared as to what to wear and how to still look stylish?

I used to fight my body type when it came to summer. I have no idea why as i know the rules to my body in the winter but when it came to summer I would beat myself up that I wasn’t skinny enough and would feel embarrassed to show off my ‘not so perfect body’.

I was also noticing that my clothes were not up to standard when it came to dressing for work, everything had that holiday vibe or overly relaxed and this was not projecting my business to the degree it needed to.

So last year I took the advice that I would give to myself as a client and I invested in my summer wardrobe  with clothes that fit my bodyshape, lifestyle, personality and give me the opportunity to really express my personal brand.

My summer wardrobe now exudes confidence and it’s been built around a few key principles.

I thought I would share my best advice but as I’m writing this in May of 2020 and we are in lockdown.

There are no holidays, no festivals, no summer garden parties. Our summer wardrobe needs are very different, more everyday.

Don’t feel disheartened, i think this is good news.

It’s a time where we don’t have to put our money into dresses we will only wear once and we can actually get the foundations right, really focus in on the items that we will wear time and time again.

If you are intrigued here are my 4 rules for confident summer dressing.

  1. Focus in on good quality basics BUT make sure they are the absolute ideal for your body type

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2. Find a colour palate that excites you but most importantly allows you to wear everything in your wardrobe lots of different ways.

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3. Step away from the same uniform as everyone else. Find the treasures the unusual pieces. The items that others would overlook.

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4. Add the finishing touches, this is what takes an outfit from everyday to cohesive and complete.



If you would like to find out how to do this for your self then come join my next 5 week course.

PROJECT ME : Your Summer Style Adventure.

Your 5 week roadmap to clear and confident style.

Ever wondered where you could take your style?

  • Would you like to feel better about yourself and free in your body?
  • Ever wondered what your style would be like if you worked with a stylist?
  • Do you feel bored, confused and lacking direction with your summer wardrobe?
  • Perhaps you are ready for a new personal project or looking to do something different with a group of likeminded women?

Most people don’t get access to a red-carpet stylist, but for 5 weeks you will!

Come on a style adventure and build a wardrobe that will support your life and the planet and walk away feeling energised and excited about the future once more.

How will we do it?

5 Transformative lessons

5 Live Style Surgeries

5 Weekly Style Challenges

1 Facebook group community

Guest wellbeing experts


The Transformative Lessons:

Week 1: The Art of being yourself // Setting your style intention & getting clarity on what you need your clothes to do for you.

Week 2: Body Confidence // Dressing for the summer

Week 3: Summer edit // Building the ideal and unique wardrobe that’s right for you.

Week 4: Sustainable Dressing // Shop wisely (online and in-store), maximise all you own and get creative, learn the skills to have consistent style.

Week 5: A-lister touches // Create quality, lux outfits with the perfect finishing touches for a put together look that truly animates who you are.


Transformative lessons: Saturday 6th at 10:30 – 12pm for 5 weeks until 4th July

Style Surgeries: Thursday evening at 7:30pm 11th and 18th June and then

Thursday lunchtime 1pm 25th June, 2nd and 9th July

Guest Speakers will be live in the Facebook Group throughout the 5 weeks.

Why now?

Practically for many, our lifestyles have changed and this is a great time to reassess how our wardrobe supports our life. Let me ask you; do your clothes work for working at home but still keeping your confidence at an all time high?

This is not a time to waste money on clothes that don’t work, with the recent impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on us all, we must shop wisely and learn how to find special over commodity.

The recent uncertainty has left many feeling stuck. Making our emotional wellbeing a focus is key to ensuring we come out of this resilient and strong. Learning the skills of getting dressed everyday is so key to our mental health and ensuring as women we step into the world in our true power.

Finally, being in lockdown may have shined a light on who you get dressed for. Don’t lose the art of being yourself. Come and find it again and let’s be ready as the world starts opening up to us .

A few extra bits…

The amazing thing about doing this over 5 weeks together is that I can guide you through it step by step. If you put the work in, you will get the results, not just the teachings.

We will be looking at style from a very holistic angle, practical advice but with you at the heart of it all.

Through the weekly Style Surgeries we will ensure that you will get the 121 support you need.

All recordings will be sent out to ensure that if you can’t make it live no one will be left behind.

We are proud of the community that is created during our courses and we look forward to having you as part of it.

What clients have said about previous courses:

‘Loulou really helped me to build my confidence in my own style and my ability to find solutions that work for me rather than always be driven by others (instagram, family etc). i have loved this experienvce and will definitely miss our weekly updates and challenges’.

What a 5 weeks indeed. i’m posting this pic as it shows one of my favourite outfits and very far fromn what i would have worn before! its still me…but an upgraded me! Thank you to everyone who commented and helped…you’re all brilliant. This has been a great experience.

I’m feeling so sad this is out last Thursday, it’s been brilliant.

& many more…..

Working with Loulou Storey

Loulou has 20 years experience working in the fashion industry. She prides herself on the fact that everyone is able to have a sense of style and learn how to dress themselves for a happy and successful life.

She has appeared on ITV, featured as a future leader of the fashion industry in Tresemme’s ‘Women who Can’ campaign and regularly speaks on the BBC. She has worked with some of the UK’s largest retailers, most recently with Jigsaw, French Connection and Karen Millen, where she has trained the next generation of stylists and hosted some amazing fashion events with brands like Me&Em and Kitri.

Loulou loves styling for the red carpet and most recently dressed celebrities for events such as the BAFTA’s and the National Television Awards.

Particularly passionate about empowering women through educating them on the power of self-expression, she has styled 100’s of women around the world, to take back control of their wardrobes, find out how to feel good in their clothes and re-inspire them in gorgeous practical clothes. Loulou is a firm advocate that style is therapy and we can all become stronger from looking at how we dress and express ourselves.

Her business The Styling Storey was founded in 2016 after she used clothes as a tool to combat post-natal depression and accepting her own body. She has a personal love of smart casual dressing and helping people to celebrate what it is that makes them unique.

If you are ready to love what you wear, prevent future style and shopping mistakes and define who you are in 2020, then Loulou and her team are ready to help you transform your style!


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