3 creative ways to relieve boredom in your wardrobe

Bored with your style? 3 creative ways to reinvigorate without shopping!


Bored with your wardrobe, feel so lacklustre towards it??
Then check out this video.

A back to basics video that gives you 3 creative and unexpected ways to get you from ‘blah’ to ‘oooomph’.


This video is perfect for you if you want to start playing with what you’ve got before buying new clothes.

To summerise:

1. Move your clothes around and find the hidden gems.
2. Use something around your house or an unworn accessory to get inspired with a new colour palate.
3. Start dreaming, get out of a funk by looking at where your going to take your style.

Let me know in the comments where your at with clothes and wardrobe? Completely disengaged? Trying but stuck? Shopping like crazy? Loving experimenting? Realising you need a complete overhaul? Feeling like you shouldn’t be thinking about it as bigger issues going on. I want to hear!


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